Towed Artillery Match-Ups: India Vs. Pakistan

English history is intertwined with India. After all 200 years is a long period and it cannot be wished away. The British rule threw up local Englishmen who made India their home.They loved the country and some explored, some hunted, some preserved relics and monuments and some wrote about India.

You may find that size and weight restrictions are much stricter abroad than they are at home. We’ve had to check suitcases in China and Europe that we routinely carry on at home. There is no use arguing that you always carry them on. Those airline personnel have the final say… and if they say to check it…. you check it. At least you have the proper identification on it.

Mayur Hotel provides both luxury and a feel of nature to the tourists staying there. The hotel has 10 rooms that are well furnished and appointed to make the stay of the guests worthwhile. The rooms are air conditioned and are known to provide a brilliant view of the scenery around. The hotel provides facilities for various outdoor games like table tennis, badminton and basketball. The cost of the rooms is nominal and provides the best amenities possible.

Rani LaksmiBai became a national hero and her name was written in the golden book for her bravery. This is also a fact that when Indian Army Result created its first female unit, they named that unit on the name of Laksmi Bai.

He laughed. I laughed. And we were on our way. Even the auto sounded relaxed and confident! As we headed home, I wondered why a retired army personnel would have to ride an auto in Bangalore. Could it be a huge debt? A reckless investment in the past, maybe? A large family to support? Turned out it wasn’t a forced ‘have to’, but an unbinding and careless ‘want to’ for the man on the driver’s seat.

The British ruled India for a long time and their most favourite place of residence was the hill stations. Lansdowne forms the rather quiet location for the British, unlike other hill stations. Cottages built by the British have now been transformed by the locals into hotels providing comfortable accommodation for the tourists. Fairydale is one such Landsowne resort. With 5 rooms, the place provides a living experience of that of the Britons. The cottage is built of wood, and the rooms have been transformed to places of function for the hotel. The resort is known for its food outsourced to outdoor caterers. The place was built in the year 1912, and it will be completing 100 years in 2012.

But then the question remains why had so many soldiers have to die in this campaign of 53 days. There are no answers except that war is war and no quarter given and none expected. It is the call to arms and duty.

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