Self Defense While Walking

Unfortunately, every parent knows the fear of losing a child. Some parents go to extremes to keep their children safe, while others keep a looser leash in order to allow them to grow and learn responsibility. Too many kids get abducted each year, either by estranged family members, acquaintances, or total strangers.

You take water and tile and mix in poor balance and eyesight and you have an area primed for falls. Stepping into a tub is not a good idea for an elderly person so the first thing to look at is replacing the tub.

Joggers should face the traffic at all times. You should also obey all the other “rules of the road” when you’re out for a run. Use crosswalks when you need to cross a street, comply with pedestrian signals and make sure all traffic has come to a complete stop before you attempt to cross a street.

For your own personal safety and for the safety of those you love, it is always a good precaution to have one of these small alarms handy. They can give you good protection from criminals and even nature.

A personal alarm gives off a very loud (120-130 db) alarm which can be heard for a long distance. Plus the alarm has a distinctive sound to make sure that your fellow campers can recognize this sound. Plus, many Personal Alarms come with a flashlight that comes in pretty handy in the woods at night.

By using a small bottle of pepper spray someone can bring an attacker to their knees from up to 15 feet away. If your child finds themselves in a situation with an aggressive attacker all they have to do is push down on the top of the bottle and they will gain the upper hand. The best part is this will give them anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to escape and find help.

Always remember: You and your loved ones deserve the safest life possible. But wishful thinking can only take you so far. You must act as soon as possible. Protect yourself and your loved ones today, while still in time. There is no time to waste!

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