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Even if you know what you want in life, why you want it and you strive to achieve it, you’re likely to eventually be led astray. Every day you dive into the small tasks trusting that they’ll lead you to the bigger picture. You check up your smaller tasks with relation to your current goals to ensure you’re on track. And yet, there are times when you get derailed. Even if it seems like you are pursuing the goals you’ve set, something doesn’t feel right. You’ve lost your drive and don’t feel the passion. You can’t seem to notice what could be wrong from your current perspective.

Worthy will be supported by a new ally this year as he makes his Halloween rounds of Congress – Mothers Against Junk Food, a new advocacy group which would also like to see Halloween abolished..

A handbag by a B-list designer. It is the thought that counts, right? Sure, but put thought into something she will actually love. Which are the B-list designers? If it ain’t Italian or American with the initials M.J.; kindly pass on this.

Growing up in a home with impossible expectations, I lived most of my life chasing after illusive perfection. Every now and then it can still rear its ugly head, but I have learned to strive for excellence, not perfection. When you are waiting around for things to be perfect before you move forward, you don’t move- that’s the other side of momentum.

Make cat like eyes for your Halloween witch using white and black paint. You can also use a red or even glow in the dark poster paint to give the eyes of your pumpkin witch an evil glow.

As soon as the Yoga Holidays Montezuma are over and it’s time to put all the trimmings away, chuck the tree out the front door and toss the lovely greetings cards in the recycling bin, stop for a moment and think, how you can give those cards a new life. Take a second look at those cards, it would be a real shame to let those pretty cards go to waste wouldn’t it?

With the edition of Nice and Vanessa, there will be a fun element to a serious show about police basics. Now only are the two actors a great choice for the show, it is an added eye candy bones that we appreciate.

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