Lose 2-5 Pounds A Week Safely And Effectively Without Diet Pills Or Risky Surgery

Being fit but fat is simply not good enough. Excess weight can take years off your life, even if you get plenty of exercise. This was the finding of a study published in 2004 in New England Journal of Medicine.

No matter what kind of surgery, there are always risk involved. In fact my family doctor used to say “Surgery, major or minor no matter what, Its a risk to your life whenever you go under the knife”.

This procedure requires a lot of after care. You need to return to a “fill station” for top ups of fluid as your weight goes down. There are approximately 4 visits in the first year so this ends up being expensive. Something to think about as well is that about 12% of people who have gastric banding go back and have the band removed because they did not lose the weight they wanted. They generally go on to have another type of bursa obezite ameliyatı.

It’s about time we stop this madness. The food industry just keeps on feeding on us though. They are making a good profit from our old habits. Just like the tobacco companies, they are killing us and just don’t really care.

I can tell you with heartfelt sincerity that when I had 150 pounds to lose I was in such a spiral of despair and hopelessness that nothing short of surgery worked for me. My acts of self-sabotage and self-destruction derailed every conventional attempt to lose weight. I did not have the self-esteem or courage to muster any grit determination. I was on the train to hell and getting there by way of obesity.

There will always be success stories and there will always be unsuccessful ones. There are instances when the person who underwent through the operation went back to overeating. What accompanies the surgery is the discipline that one needs in order for it to be successful. There will be a complete turn-around with the way one eats. If one does not follow the doctor’s orders and overeats, the band will be forcefully removed because the small portion of the stomach cannot take the amount of food that one has consumed. This is the hardest part. It is not the surgery itself that is hard but what comes after, the discipline that the surgery needs for the band to stay in place. This is the very reason why support groups exist.

Two years later, the surgery group had lost about 23 percent of its weight, while those in the comparison group weighed almost exactly the same. Ten years later, the comparison group had gained an average of 1.6 percent. Those who underwent surgery had regained a larger percentage – but were still 16 percent below their original weights. Many surgical patients recovered from diabetes, and the operation prevented many new cases.

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Lose 2-5 Pounds A Week Safely And Effectively Without Diet Pills Or Risky Surgery

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