Best Winter Yoga Retreats

The short answer to this is – it is a must that you get one – especially for beginners. Most Yoga retreat packages should come attached with instructors.

Sometimes the instructor may be very well-qualified, but maybe you just don’t feel comfortable his style of teaching. Such situations do occur. To mitigate such risks, you can see if he conducts any classes locally and join them. You should be able to tell if you like his style or not with one lesson or two.

When we got there, we were all awed by the spectacular scenery. Beautiful is truly an understatement! The people were very warm as the welcome we received just made us feel like we had arrived home. We were chauffeured to our hotel which also had us going like “Oh My Gosh!” Slowly, I took it all in: the view, the smell of the ocean, the aura! I could feel magic floating in the air!

Finally, yoga minimises stress. Since it works on a mental and spiritual level, too, the goal of yoga is to offer a spot of peace and refreshment for the mind and the spirit. While concentrating on your breathing and your poses, your worries will fly away. It’s a great way to enjoy exercising, without the unnecessary strain.

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Why not decide to go straight into the deep end and book a yoga retreat vacation? Some Yoga vacations Montezuma offer a variety of yoga styles. That way you can be sure of road testing the different styles which may help you decide what type of yoga is more suited to your temperament and goals.

Katy Appleton sits in the heart of a National Park in Thailand. They offer twice daily Yoga sessions with massage therapy. You can also enjoy the lake with a small kayak and soak up the great outdoors.

If you also wish to learn yoga then opt for these Yoga DVD’s. Even if you have enrolled with a yoga retreat seeing these videos will help you understand better.

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