2 Cool Social Media Marketing Tactics

In high school in 1961, I took freshman geometry. The class was a revelation. I learned a bit of geometry, and a lot about life. Many years later, the same lesson became an MLM success tip that helped me build income with several network marketing companies.

The old saying “bore a person to death” shows how deadly boredom can be. If you want to make more sales, keep your website bubbling with new activity. Certainly, blog posts help. Address specific target niches, new issues, and new changes in the environment. If you have your website set up on a WordPress platform so you can manage it yourself, this is easier.

Consistency is King! Consistency in your company’s service level & quality of product is paramount if you want to improve Praxismarketing ROI. Similarly, consistency in the way in which your company is presented to the marketplace is of equal importance.

SISers like to ask questions, usually diving right into the question, giving little or no background to the question. If they have a deep sense that you have the answer, they will generate a quick e-mail to you. They are frequent visitors to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages. If you want to attract the SISers, track all the questions customers and prospects ask, provide answers, and post on your site. You can make them happy by placing the answers in larger or bold print.

The fact of the matter is that these types of people don’t really own their own business the bank does. This is because they borrowed a large sum of money from a bank to start out.

Like the SISers, Bargain Hunters also respond to detailed product information. They also like to justify what they are buying to others. And for this they need to know the benefits very clearly.

Don’t make the mistake of running your ads on keywords that get a massive amount of impressions. You can get visitors to your site but you are not going to get a very high click through rate on your ads.

Don’t set out thinking about what’s in it for YOU. Instead, think of how you can impact others, what you can do to improve your living and working environments, and how your skills and power can benefit people.

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